Designer Statement

"Confidence is key when wearing clothes, only if you are comfortable and confident in who you are. Wether you're a Diva when dressing or more of a comfort dresser. It's very important to be confident in who ever it is that you are. So as a designer I want to help women find their confidence in being a modest dresser. Although, being modest is more of a lifestyle and not just about confidence, but it's about her character, her uniqueness, her drive, her klass. What makes you, you? I don't want my clothes to style her, but for her to style my clothes. Make it yours. Be you!"

-Her Klass

Executive Designer

My name is Koneaka M. Brown. I was born in Morgan City, Louisiana on December 29,
1995 to Ronnie and Orelia Brown Sr. I am a recent graduate from "The Art
Institute of Atlanta" where I have a Bachelor's in Fine Arts/ Fashion Design. My role in the Fashion Industry is to design and create Modest fashion for Women all over who still wish to stay modestly beautiful. I want my consumers to feel and look amazing while still being able to be beautifully covered in a fashion.


I chose the name "Her Klass" because a woman's class speaks volumes. It is not just
about the way she looks or dresses but about her character and style and about "why"
she dresses the way she does and the meaning behind her style. Her confidence is key.
And of course, I chose to spell the word class beginning with the letter "K" because my name begins with a K and I try to always keep it classy. When you see my clothes, I want
you to think Her Style, Her Character, Her Uniqueness, Her Drive, Her Klass!

As I began to establish my business my mission has always been to design and
produce problem solving garments for Modest Women. As a young woman who dresses
modestly myself, I would always have the hardest times finding the right clothing to feel
comfortable in. The older I got it seems as though the clothing began to get more and
more revealing. I then began to start making my own skirts at the tender age of 15. My
handmade skirts started to get popular and being demanded. It was then when I
realized how many others there were that were just like me. Then around the age of 18
I decided that once I graduated high school and college I wanted to start a business that
caters to solving issues of the average “modest-dressing” woman. I am so excited to
begin this journey and for the many successful years to come with God’s help.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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